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Club reveals captain's armbands

Supporters voted on home and away armband designs using the club's new CityVoice online service, and the results are in. But who shall wear the One Band to Rule Them All?

NYCFC CityVoice

New York City has launched a new conduit to better interface with fans in this inaugural year. CityVoice, modeled after a similar service devised at Manchester City, invited supporters to sign up (for free) and take a brief survey over a handful of topics last week.

The big ticket was the selection of a home and away captain's armband. Three each were laid out for the fan vote, mishing and mashing various permutations of sky blue, navy, orange, black, white, and gray, plus a modest smattering of scatological brown in there:


Fast-forward to this afternoon, as CityVoice reported to its members:

"Last week, you voted the following as your favorite captain's armbands. As a result of your feedback, these armbands will be created and worn by your captain throughout our inaugural season."





Nothing flashy, but not insignificant. They cover all the bases:

  • Three stripes that invoke a skyline, and also Adidas (a coincidence, probably!)
  • Resembles a stylized subway platform sign
  • No orange accents to distract from the part of the outfit that says ETIHAD
  • Not simply a do-over of the club emblem's aesthetic

My one dig against either of these skipper-slippers? The away design has that touch of navy blue pitted against quite a bit of black. The little guy isn't gonna stand a chance, and a majority won't be able to tell the difference between the shades at any distance. I like navy and I like black, but why a collision of both? It's pretty unfair to navy.

Although, as Tim Gunn would say (if he were a sporting bloke): "Footballers, make it work."

Honestly, all this surveyin' has me thinking... who will be wearing that away armband when NYCFC finally trots out onto the green grass of the Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium on March 8th?

One of Jason "Coach K" Kreis's old Real Salt Lake guys, perhaps? Ned Grabavoy and Chris Wingert, who will both play a ton this year, could be the opening line favorites.

But what about David Villa? Sure, he can't really speak any English, but don't his sheer quality and star power at least nudge him into the conversation by default?

(Also, I heard Mike Petke is available. He would make a great captain. He's only two years older than Frank Lampard.)

We know this much-- every race needs a dark horse, and George John aces that test for New York City. His ceiling is as high as anyone's on the team (lest we forget, FC Dallas loaned him to West Ham United in 2012 with an initial eye toward making the London switch permanent). A rash of rough injuries, unfortunately, have tempered what would otherwise be a ringing endorsement.

Well, then, who's your pick to don on the skipper's sigil on opening day in Orlando? Who shall wear the One Band to Rule Them All?

And should Frank Lampard have a right to compete for the armband in a ThunderDome-like scenario if and when he finally arrives?

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Armband images courtesy of NYCFC CityVoice. Screenshot of the fan vote courtesy of