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Getting Over Frank: A Playlist for the Fans

HRB's Marie-Claire Bousquette brings her musical expertise to your rescue.

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Recently, we’ve witnessed many New York City fans exhibit the classic behavior of someone who has, to put it crudely, been led on for months and then dumped.

The romance between Lampard and New York City began with a boom. Such fanfare and press accompanied his arrival to the states, alongside the abundance of (now –refundable) name-printed t-shirts. Even the ex (yes, the other blue) bestowed Twitter-felt blessings on Frank’s budding new relationship.

Then, Frank went on what was supposed to be brief vacation to play with some old friends, which seemed innocuous enough.

As time wore on, and fans began to hear rumors that Frank would never come back to NYC, they wrote it off as part of the gossip that perpetually envelopes the sport. But the December holidays approached, and those rumors became louder and louder. NYCFC fans just couldn’t seem to shake ‘Rule Britannia’ from their heads.

And now, the club’s fans are heartbroken before NYCFC has even played the inaugural match. Because now, they know. They know that Frank Lampard, whose shining smile on glossy posters helped seduce many into their season tickets, was never signed to the club.

So, here I am, to tell you: it's OK to feel how you feel, when you feel it. It's not your fault.

It’s horrible to have the stud with nice things swoop in and snatch away the one you’ve fallen for.  Your friends stand up for you, but it seems it’s just too little too late. You don’t know who to be mad at- your ex for dumping you? His parents for knowing it was coming the whole time? The new fling for sneaking around? Your friends for doing nothing but watching the trainwreck?

Without further ado, NYCFC fans, this is the playlist you need to help you through this. To finally, finally let it go, even if the promises to come back don’t stop.

1. ‘Hide and Seek’ – Imogen Heap

"Where are we? What the hell is going on?" will echo as you enter the initial confused and shocked stage. It’s OK to feel this way- it all happened so fast.

2. ‘Pictures of You’- The Cure

The photos. The Instagrams. "If only you’d thought of the right words," the perfect chant, if only you’d stopped calling it "soccer," would you have held on to [his] heart"? The questions, the images seared into your mind just don’t seem to stop.

3. ‘Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me’ – The Smiths

It’s appropriately ironic for some Manchester-born Moz to lull you to sleep through the tears, as you find out more and more you just didn’t want to know about what was happening behind your back this whole time. It hurts, but don’t worry, the next overwhelming feeling is coming, and it’s going to hit strong.

4. ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ – Twisted Sister

That feeling is anger. You are NOT going to take being embarrassed and lied to IN PUBLIC. As you tweet at your ex's clubs, and anyone associated with them, and you craft memes of your ex as a fat person, you let the world know exactly how you feel.

5. "Go Your Own Way"- Fleetwood Mac

And then… you give in. There is a point where, despite everything that’s happened, you let go of the other, knowing that you two are just not going to happen right now. Might as well start opening your heart to others; flirt a little with Gerrard, why don’t you?

6. "Don’t Look Back in Anger" – Oasis

But, hey. Even though you haven’t found the next big one yet, it can’t hurt to make sure you "don’t look back in anger." Because you never know what July might bring.

And remember, there’s always room for hope in the Mix.