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This Week in WTF: Grant Wahl claims Jason Kreis's job in danger, Patrick Vieira floated as replacement

Egregious and abominable if true.

USA TODAY Sports/Avi Gerver

I would have preferred "just another Wednesday." As it stands, however, fate may be about to throw a wrench in all that by defecating on every one of us.

Grant Wahl -- Sports Illustrated columnist and America's Soccer Sweetheart -- wrote this afternoon that Jason Kreis's position at the helm of New York City is in doubt:

"Multiple sources connected to Manchester City and New York City FC say Jason Kreis’s job as the coach at NYCFC is in real danger. It’s not a done deal yet, but all signs are pointing to his replacement being Patrick Vieira, the 1998 World Cup winner and former Arsenal star who has been serving as Man City’s elite development squad manager."

What. The. Eff. Dude.

I can't decide which piece of info here, if they both come to fruition, represents more of a middle finger to NYCFC's supporters.

Firing Kreis makes one of the best American soccer coaches and one of the greatest figures in the young history of MLS into a free agent. Indefensible in itself.

But installing Vieira would be similarly uproarious, as his appointment would confirm all of the worst fears held by City Football Group's critics: that New York City is, beyond all doubt, a farm club for Manchester City. The Manchester City youth development coach likely wouldn't stay long in New York; he'd be here while he grooms for the top job in Manchester. Not a minute longer. Would there be any doubt about that whatsoever?

Foreign managers, even those with demonstrated success in top leagues around the world, have struggled famously when making the jump to MLS. The roster and salary restrictions utterly unique to Major League Soccer have simply obliterated unsuspecting overseas gaffers (the desperate need for MLS to alter its rules to better resemble the vast majority of foreign leagues is a whole separate issue).

We'll have a lot more on this subject soon, so stay tuned! In the meantime, go buy yourself a new coat or something.

Because it might be a long-ass winter in the Five Boroughs.

UPDATE 4:30 p.m. -- Our friend Christian Araos of Empire of Soccer tweeted this in the last hour: