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Jason Kreis, New York City players reflect on the end of their inaugural campaign (VIDEO)

As the curtain fell on the 2015 season, the gaffer and his squad spoke highly of the support at Yankee Stadium while acknowledging their own shortcomings.

From the manager's mouth to eight million ears:

"The absolute brightest and most positive thing about this club right now is our fans."

Jason Kreis's steely, occasionally listless glare was on full display once again Sunday evening, but one thing remains clear: this is a man who knows the work has only begun here in New York City. Whether he'll be around to carry things forward in 2016 remains, however outrageously, an open question. But the prognosis is anything but bleak, to hear the gaffer tell it.

Also of note in this video: an update on George John's recovery, Kreis's evaluation of Chris Wingert's fullback play, and a note about the upcoming training schedule in advance of December's away friendly against the Puerto Rico National Team.

In the locker room, the players reflected on the season, their particular affection for the growing NYCFC fan base, and their determination to get back to work and deliver greatness next year.

DAVID VILLA (mincing no words):




In the big picture, it was a somber evening awash with hope. This is the start of something huge-- you don't finish the year with the third-highest average attendance in Major League Soccer by accident.

From where I sit, that's not a bad place to start.