Kreis issues statement thanking NYCFC, fans


In his first tweet in nearly seven months, the sacked gaffer thanked the staff, players, and fans for their support during a tough inaugural year. He notes that the journey "ended a bit abruptly and a bit too soon for my liking." Overall, his tone is far more earnest than the downright vicious club announcement that accompanied yesterday's firing. Interestingly, Kreis includes a specific nod to Claudio Reyna, who has not made any public statement about the manager's firing (It may be that the Sporting Director and former Manchester City man could be following Kreis out the door). "We have all contributed to history, to the building of a foundation of what will be a great club in a great city," he writes, "and no one can take that away from us." The Latin phrase "audentes fortuna juvat," a longtime Kreis favorite, means "fortune favors the bold."