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DIGITAL ROUNDUP: What the experts are saying about Jason Kreis's sacking

We read the entire Internet and rounded up all the best takes.

Busy week, there, eh?

It began with New York City FC's firing of its first-ever manager, accompanied by a downright unrelenting public statement, delivered less than 72 hours after the renewal deadline for season ticket holders.

Then, a moment of earnestness from the erstwhile gaffer himself.

We've done our damnedest to delineate the drama here on the pages of Hudson River Blue, and will continue to do so over the course of what promises to be a rip-roaring offseason in the Five Boroughs.

In the meantime, we've read a lot of excellent opinion pieces on the merits of this week's firing. Will the replacement "get" MLS? Hell, does City Football Group "get" MLS? Where does Kreis go from here? Check out what we learned:

  • The Guardian's Graham Parker writes that Jason Kreis will be just fine, but it's unclear if City Football Group will take the right lessons from his aborted tenure.

  • ESPNFC's Jeff Carlisle suggests that Kreis is a fall guy, and his sacking makes NYCFC look like the worst of the failed L.A. Galaxy teams, with some of the Jesse Marsch-era Montreal Impact mixed in for good measure.

  • beIN Sports's Graham Ruthven thinks the move demonstrates the ownership's lack of respect for how difficult the life of an expansion team really is in this part of the world.

  • Sports Illustrated's Brian Straus is convinced that NYCFC has revealed its true colors as an organization.

  •'s Ives Galarcep writes that there's enough blame to go around, what with the manager's lack of organizational support.

  •'s Matthew Doyle believes that CFG never gave Kreis a fair chance to do exactly the thing that he does best: navigate the byzantine MLS roster rules to build a cohesive squad.

  • Last Word on Sports's Martin Bihl -- whom you really should read -- has one message for NYCFC's overseas overlords: America is not Europe.
Shine on, you crazy pundits.

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This post has been updated to show love to Sports Illustrated, because why not?