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Peace on earth, balls in nets.

Yes, you can buy this!
Yes, you can buy this!

'TWAS THE DAY before Christmas
And all through the Boroughs
They donned their sky-blue
And munched subway churros.
Their hopes were all hung
On Vieira, in fact,
Knowing well his career
With trophies was packed.

Gone were the ghosts
Of old Kreismas past,
As twenty-sixteen
Approached oh-so-fast.
The squad, having won
Its last exhibition
Was raring to go,
To bring dreams to fruition.

Our inaugural year
Had its moments of fright,
As injuries struck
And stretched the team tight.
But heads were held high--
That familiar ring!
Yes! Those dear Red Bulls
Won not a damn thing.

On, Guaje! On, A.J.!
On, Jefferson Mena!

On, Poku! On, R.J.!
On, Maestro Andrea!

The Bronx Blues, they ride
With a gifts in a sack:
A new Tony Taylor!
Oh, shit, Tommy Mac!!!

The gang, they're all here
To kick some more tail
With Lampard on call
No way shall they fail.
The offseason's short
With much work to do
But Reyna is tough.
(Though a Jersey boy, true.)

Monsieur Vieira
Won everything. Boom!
And in the Five Boroughs
There's plenty of room
For a boatload of hardware
And trophies galore
One MLS Cup? Two? Three?
How 'bout four?

Christmas is time
To keep loved ones close
And even the doubters,
They shan't be morose.
I can see in my mind
Vieira making things click.
Merry Christmas to all,
And to all a good kick!

A merriest Christmas to you and yours from the HRB & SB Nation family.

Peace, love, and Poku.  Amen.