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End of the Year Open Thread

It was a hell of an inaugural season; not just for NYCFC, but for us, too! There's lots to talk about. The floor is yours.

Sometimes, what's behind ya matters just as much as what's ahead.
Sometimes, what's behind ya matters just as much as what's ahead.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It isn't the easiest task to say goodbye to the year of our lord Guaje, 2015. It's one of those nice and round numbers, the kind that campy paperback writers and Robert Zemeckis envisioned time-traveling to in the fiction of decades past.

But hey, not only is the number 16 a perfect square; it's the combination of the two numerals that make up Jedi Master Poku's kit number. Next year, I wager, is gonna be pretty fantastic.

There would be no better time, then, to take stock of everything we saw and learned and howled and bollocked and cheered in these twelve most recent months. So, here we are: the Hudson River Blue 2015 Open Thread.

You -- the readers, commenters, lurkers, fanboys, fangirls, fan-non-gender-binaries, homies, and friends that this site was created to serve -- are running the show today. There are no rules for our comments section beyond common human decency and few pesky laws. If you've got extended thoughts too grand for our robust comment section, feel free to write a FanPost. They're open to everyone. Some of our contributors, in fact, started off FanPosting .

Formations? Tactics? Predictions? Transfer speculation? Draft strategies? Kreis and Vieira? The front office? The supporters groups? Mix's hair? We want to hear what you think about all of this and more.

Most of all: thank you. We only exist because of you, real talk. Now, let 'er rip!