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CITY VOICE: The Department of Fanalytics, Part II

Join us as HRB sifts through another hot batch of fan data as reported by NYCFC's online service. Analysts gonna analyze, so what can we learn about the growing supporter base this week?


Last week, we attested to our intense, distracting love of data during our initial analysis of the new club's CITY VOICE online community, and that passion has not waned. After all, we still have a lot to learn about the tendencies and personalities of the humans that make up this fledgling supporter base. Let's get cracking on the newest fanalytics.

NYCFC asked fans about their preferences for club-produced behind-the-scenes content and their general social media habits. They also offered a chance to submit an inspirational maxim for use on game days. They had this to report:

  • We asked you to vote on which behind the scenes content you would like the Club to create. You told us that 'Personality Pieces' are what you most want to see (40% ranking 1st), followed by 'Inside the Locker Room' (33% ranking 1st). We'll be creating content based on your results shortly.
  • You also told us that you engage with New York City FC most frequently on Facebook (38% engage daily) and Twitter (37% engage daily).
  • Over 850 of you came back to us with inspirational messages, and now we're fired up for the season! Jason and Claudio will now select their favorites, and we'll give you a chance soon to vote for those which you think should be used on game day.

I'm no handicapper, but here are my early odds for inspirational match day quotations. Spoiler alert, they all come from the HBO original series The Wire:

120/1 odds: "Don't get captured."

-- Lt. Dennis Mello

40/1: "It ain't what you takin', it's who you takin' it from."

-- Omar Little

18/1: "The game's the same. Just got more fierce."

-- Slim Charles

9/4: "Sometimes life just gives you a moment."

-- Lester Freamon

2/1 (opening line favorite): "You come at the king, you'd best not miss."

-- Omar Little

No offense to Jeb Brovsky's alma mater, but any of these would be preferable to "PLAY LIKE A CHAMPION TODAY."

Moving right along, CITY VOICE ran a quick poll asking which type of small item supporters would most like to see handed out at Yankee Stadium for the first home match on March 15th against New England. Keychains? Temporary tattoos (no, seriously, that was an option)? Here is your result:

In last week's Quick Poll you told us that you would most like to see New York City FC Brand Ambassadors giving out Rally Towels at the first home match (40%). Keep an eye out for those Brand Ambassadors in the Stadium against New England to collect your free towel.

Free towels? What is this, the People's Republic of Wetness? I am personally interested to see the particular designs the NYCFC Brand Ambassadors have in mind, especially given the fact that many supporters already own one or two team scarves. That would be a fine question for a subsequent CITY VOICE questionnaire.

So, then, will there be any additional entertainment outside of the action on the pitch during which to wave these towels? They may be free, but I still want to get my money's worth:

Last week on City Voice we asked what half time entertainment you would like at home games. It was a close call between:
  • ‘Trivia and other types of contests in the seating areas, led by an in-stadium host’ (39% ranked 1st), and
  • Behind the Scenes player content on the big screens’ (38% ranked 1st)

Someone will need to emcee these halftime festivities, right? I would nominate either Barclays Center talisman Ally Love or NBC's Brian Williams, who will either be suspended or hosting The Daily Show by the time New York City opens its account against the Revs.

Another quick poll: which type of general content do fans most want to see produced through the NYCFC website?

  • We can now reveal that your favorite type of New York City FC content is longer videos such as YouTube (32%), followed by written articles (22%), shorter videos like Vines (15%) and infographics (14%)

This is all good news, especially if the club continues to use the magnetic John Eli Brovsky as their de facto video presenter.

To be honest, given the average blogger's short attention span, we love just about any kind of multimedia content -- it's the digital version of a picture book! -- but we really really love infographics, especially in these early days in which just about any type of NYCFC-related data is scarce. In that regard, you may be wondering, "Was there a sexy word cloud included in this most recent survey?" Why, yes. Following last week's graphic visualizing NYCFC fans' favorite teams across soccer and beyond, we now have one summarizing a somewhat predictable selection of most-favored footballers:

So, who wins? Ronaldo or Messi? It is agonizingly unclear, which is an accurate depiction of Real Actual Life (RAL).

Brief thoughts on this:

  • Pelé is on here twice, both with and without the accent mark. Come on, Pelé/e. Get over yourself.
  • Thierry Henry and Zinedine Zidane, longtime teammates for Les Bleus, are in a Messi-versus-Ronaldo-esque dead heat.
  • Given the number of Arsenal fans around New York, I am surprised at the (relative) lack of love for the indispensable Dennis Bergkamp.
  • Landon Donovan nostalgia beat out Tim Howard apologism and Clint Dempsey fanaticism, but let's be clear: this survey was released before Deuce's "Old Man Step-over" goal against Panama. RECOUNT!
  • All three of the aforementioned U.S. Males took precedence over Stephen Gerrard. (Stevie G, unlike those Americans, has yet to prove himself at the Major League Soccer level.)

Can't wait for the next sexy word cloud. Which class of supporter-submitted data do YOU most want to see visualized? Fans' birthplaces? Favorite Mexican / Halal food trucks? Top choices for a third Designated Player? Leave us a comment or blow up @hudsonriverblue on Twitter!

Even in the infancy of CITY VOICE, the new club appears ready and willing to forge a new kind of relationship with a supporter base that no doubt felt like a jilted lover by the end of 2014. Stay tuned to HRB for all the latest fanalytical developments.