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SPHERICAL, Episode 2: "Empire State of Alert"

This is SPHERICAL, one story told until the ball stops rolling. Join HRB and special guest Nick Chavez of Soccer Newsday for the second installment of our very special musical podcast event.

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Last week, Hudson River Blue began exorcising the demons of the Frank Lampard contractual saga once and for all. Today, the cleansing continues-- THE HEALIN'.

In episode two, we'll re-live the brutal, disastrous fallout of the New Years' Eve announcement confirming Lampard's extended stay at Manchester City through our own MC Bousquette's celebrated "Getting Over Frank" playlist. Emotions ran high and deep in this installment, and special guest Nick Chavez channeled every last jilted, heavy-hearted sentiment into today's musical accompaniments.

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Keep the ball rolling, America. We'll see you next week.

Episode Credits

Writer, Producer, & Director: Sam Dunn (@RealFakeSamDunn)

Narrator & Playlist Commandant: MC Bousquette (@MC_Bousquette)

Special Guest, Minister of "What the F--k," & Lead Parody Vocalist: Nick Chavez (@NickChavezMLS)

Senior Musical Advisor: Michael Demichelis Benham (@MichaelJBenham)

Theme Song: "Why Are You Here," by Osekre & The Lucky Bastards (@Osekre)

Additional Music: Written by Jim Earl, performed by Crash Robin

Additional Additional Music: Written & performed by Ian Kelly, a.k.a. Clouded Slum (@CloudedSlum)

Stage Manager & Chief Technology Officer: Frederick Seddon (@FrederickSeddon)

Director of Graphics: Autumn Hutchins (@AuttieDot)

Cell Phone Video Reporter: Cam Handy

Gunfire Preparedness Liaison: Moses Down

Supervisor for Visual Aesthetics: Phyllis Steen

Director of Five Minute Breaks: Ike Anteven

Founder & Executive Editor of Hudson River Blue: Rafael Noboa y Rivera