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New York City FC releases official app

It's an app. It's for your phones, or tablets. Mix would like you to download it. Won't you do it for the Mix?

Mix would like you to download this app.
Mix would like you to download this app.
New York City FC

It's 2015. That means, if you're a club priding yourself on being forward-looking, then having a mobile app of your own is de rigeur.

Since New York City is such a team, it was a matter of if, not when, they'd release such an app. "When" came today, two days before Sunday's inaugural home opener. The app is available for both iOS (iPhones, iPod touches, iPads) and Android. It's unclear if the app will be available on Windows Phone, let alone other platforms.

WillowTree Apps helped the club's digital department craft the application. With it, fans of New York City can review Yankees Stadium match-day information, check out the team's social media feeds, peruse the player roster — complete with stats — and even buy tickets and official club gear.

You can download the iOS version here (opens in the iTunes App Store). The Android version can be downloaded here (opens in Google's app store).

Screenshots are below. Having played with it a fair amount, I can tell you that it's a slickly-designed, well-built application that's fairly straightfoward to navigate. I can't speak for iOS owners, but New York City joins Toronto FC, the Montréal Impact, and the Seattle Sounders, as well as the league, as MLS institutions with official, native mobile apps.

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