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5 Question Roulette: The New England Revolution

Steve Soehr of The Bent Musket -- SB Nation's New England Revolution site -- takes a moment to answer questions about the team

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Last season, New England benefited from the attacking duo of Charlie Davies and Teal Bunbury. After a long and frustrating walkabout, Juan Agudelo has returned to the Revs. Do you think his return has the potential to upset a delicately crafted attack? Or does it give it that extra edge?

Last match notwithstanding, I think it gives more than an extra edge. Agudelo was the missing piece in the attack during the 2013 season, unlocking the potential of both Diego Fagundez and Kelyn Rowe. Charlie Davies is an excellent player and a dangerous scorer, but he doesn't have the same physical attributes and skills to play as a solo striker that Agudelo does. Juan has size, speed, technical ability, passing acumen, and dribbling to lead a line with or without support.

The problem last week was that Agudelo hasn't payed a competitive match since last May. As he gets more minutes and rounds back into match fitness, the lethality should come back. This will be a scary attack with him in it, especially once Jones is healthy, too.

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Jermaine Jones is missing from tomorrow's game, as he recovers from surgery. Given Jones' age, are Revs fans worried that he might not be the rock that he was for them in the second half of the season?

I suppose there's always that worry, but I don't think anybody is particularly scared of that. Jermaine had hernia surgery, to correct a problem and prevent future problems; assuming that went properly, he should be in great shape. It isn't as though he's dealing with recurring knee or joint issues or something, so I think the Revs will have him back right as rain in no time.

jermaine jones

Revs fans have a historical rivalry with several original or near-original MLS teams -- Red Bulls, Chicago, and DC United being the ones that come to mind. Where does New York City fit in there right now? Is there potential there for the Revs - Gotham City rivalry to be up there with the New England - New York rivalry, given the pre-existing animosity between both cities?

There's probably great potential for this rivalry, but right now it's not there. There's an automatic animosity between Boston and New York, sure, so there's that foundation. Right now, though, I think too many Revolution fans are just more curious about how NYCFC is going to work out. New York City is a curiosity for Revs fans, or a Chivas 2.0 mistake, and it's going to take some time for the club to establish itself before it is taken totally seriously. Once that happens, though, a Boston-NYCFC rivalry could be amazing, especially with the involvement of the Yankees.

Of course, NYCFC could just beat the Revs a couple times. Then I bet the fans would take them very seriously.

We know about Lee Nguyen, Davies, Bunbury, Jones, and Agudelo. But whom should New York City fans know about on the Revs roster that they don't already?

Kelyn Rowe, certainly. In 2013 he scored 7 goals and notched 8 assists, and in 2014, despite a series of injuries, he still managed to put up 5 and 5. Rowe is dangerous and he has an absolute rocket from distance, and in 2013 with Agudelo he displayed the ability to combine dangerously in and around the box to both score and set up others. He's definitely a guy you need to look out for.

kelyn rowe

Relatedly: are there any players on the Revs roster that actively make you nervous as being less than dependable?

andrew farrell

Right now, Andrew Farrell. He's a great young defender, especially one-on-one, and he has tons of potential, but the move to center-back has exposed a lot of his flaws. He doesn't position well and has very little discipline. As a full-back, he was able to make up for it with athleticism. As a center-back, he pairs poorly with Jose Goncalves and the two are constantly pulling the line out of position and leaving major gaps. Farrell takes risks as a defender that would be admirable if he had proper cover - A.J. Soares provided that last season - but without that, he has the potential be a serious liability. We saw that against Seattle.