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SPHERICAL PRESENTS "It's Soccer Time in New York"

We're taking a break from the Frank Lampard Melodrama to re-live New York City FC's first two weeks in Major League Soccer. This very special pod features HRB interviews with Mix Diskerud and Ned Grababoy, plus the voices of hundreds of fans. Keep that ball rolling!

We are available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio-- just search SPHERICAL! Thanks for supporting this funny little project. Episode Three will arrive next week!

As much as MC Bousquette and I have enjoyed lampooning the inane hilarity of the Frank Lampard contractual scandal that dominated NYC's inaugural preseason, you may have noticed that the team started playing actual games with points on the line!

For game one, we were along for the ride at Banter, Williamsburg's foremost soccer bar, to take in the away match with a merry crew of fans who had lots to say about Lampard, but even more to say about Mix.

Last Sunday, of course, our cathedral was Yankee Stadium. The sheer electricity pulsing through the Bronx has been well-documented, and we're elated to recreate the generally beer-soaked magic in this episode.

Special thanks to all the supporter groups and social clubs who made New York City FC's debut the stuff of legend.

Big shout outs to Osekre & The Lucky Bastards (@Osekre) and Crash Robin for providing our music today.

Similarly-sized shout outs to ESPN2 and Adrian Healey for their television coverage of these historic opening games.

Final shout out to Peter Capaldi, whose outrageously abrasive character from the BBC political comedy The Thick of it and accompanying feature film In the Loop inspired one of this episode's segements.

Yes, Peter Capaldi is also Dr. Who -- I'M TOLD -- but we ain't gonna go there. This is a work of satire, not... whatever Dr. Who is.

Keep that ball rolling, America. See you next week.