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SPHERICAL PRESENTS "Son of the Pitch" with Niles Scofield

HRB's Senior International Correspondent is back from Manchester with a report on England's first New York City FC supporter group.

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Autumn Hutchins

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SPHERICAL's main storyline -- the hilarity and horror of the Frank Lampard contract scandal -- has to take a break, as a couple of our staffers are under the weather. This is not a tragedy, however, but an opportunity.

So, welcome to "SON OF THE PITCH."

The timing is perfect, folks. Hudson River Blue Senior International Correspondent Niles Scofield, formerly of the BBC and a litany of other British outlets, has just returned to America in the last few days. He was jetting all around the world to learn as much as he could about City Football Group and the unique nature of its organizational structure, the likes of which the footballing world has never seen.

His final stop was in Manchester, where he uncovered a fascinating new narrative: apparently, Manchester is home to England's first-ever New York City FC supporters' group. The story was too good to pass up, so we decided to hand Niles the SPHERICAL reigns this week.

This is a quick one, so you will have no trouble at all squeezing today's story into your schedule. Once again, Osekre & The Lucky Bastards (@Osekre) provide our music. The song is called "Fire & I." Support Osekre and demand more awesome tunes!

The SPHERICAL team will be back in a matter of days to bring you Episode 3.

Keep that ball rolling.