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HRB presents SPHERICAL, Episode 1: "If You Can Make it Here..."

This is SPHERICAL: one story told until the ball stops rolling. Join HRB and special guest Nick Chavez of Soccer Newsday for Episode One of our very special podcast event.

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Autumn Hutchins

Whether or not MLS really kicks off this weekend, it's been one hell of a run up to today.

The Frank Lampard Saga had everything. Joy. Hope. Disappointment. Lies. Misery. A transatlantic tug-of-war. A speechless Jose Mourinho. Confused Chelsea fans, and even more confused NYCFC supporters. Yes, whether we like it or not, this is the defining story of NYCFC's history up to this point.

And Hudson River Blue is here to strangle that story in the bathtub.


Stay tuned for updates on iTunes and Stitcher Radio availability! In the meantime, we will be hosting all SPHERICAL content here on HRB and on the SPHERICAL SoundCloud page.

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Episode Credits

Writer, Producer, & Director: Sam Dunn (@RealFakeSamDunn)

Narrator: MC Bousquette (@MC_Bousquette)

Special Guest & Secretary of "What the F--k": Nick Chavez (@NickChavezMLS)

Senior Musical Advisor: Michael Demichelis Benham (@MichaelJBenham)

Theme Song: "Why Are You Here," by Osekre & The Lucky Bastards (@Osekre)

Additional Music: Written by Jim Earl, performed by Crash Robin

House Manager & Chief Technology Officer: Frederick Seddon (@FrederickSeddon)

Director of Graphics: Autumn Hutchins (@AuttieDot)

Visual Advisor: Ansley Fones (@AnsleyFones)

Executive Audio Consultant: Ian Kelly, a.k.a. Clouded Slum (@CloudedSlum)

Craft Services: Arya Hungary

Director of Corporal Punishment: Joaquin DePlank

Teddy Bear Coordinator: Pat Ington

Director of Five Minute Breaks: Ike Anteven

Founder & Executive Editor of Hudson River Blue: Rafael Noboa y Rivera