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FIRST LOOK: Scouting New York City FC in FIFA 15

Late last night, EA Sports' FIFA 15 game added NYCFC and Orlando City as playable teams, currently for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 users only. Here's HRB's roster breakdown!

EDITOR'S NOTE: As of Wednesday, March 11, we can confirm that both MLS expansion teams are additionally playable in the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of FIFA 15.

Thanks to Mr. Kevin McDermott, who provided these shots via Facebook:

The FIFA games have a solid track record of adjusting player ratings based on form and in-game balance, so you can bet that every single digit we see on here is subject to change. That said, let's dive into New York City FC's individual player ratings (as a team, the game rates them a 73 in attacking, 64 in midfield, and 64 for defending):


Meara (65), Saunders (64), Fitzgerald (57)


John (66), Wingert (65), Brovsky (64), Williams (64), Hernandez (63), Mendoza (63), Watson-Siriboe (63)


Diskerud (72), Calle (66), Grabavoy (65), Jacobson (65), Ballouchy (63), Velasquez (63), McNamara (57), Poku (54), Brandt (53), Dunn (53)


Villa (80), Nemec (67), Mullins (62), Taylor (61), Shelton (49)

I especially like where Calle and Nemec are pegged. Additionally, look for those numbers for Shelton and Poku to come up as they earn some reps. For their part, Pablo Alvarez and Shay Facey will be waiting for the game's next update to make their way in.

We'll keep you on top of all relevant updates as they tumble in, especially when the MLS expansion teams are added to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions!

So, have you played your first game(s) as New York City yet? Send us a screenshot, a video, or both! We want to see everything-- formations, kit selection, golazos, the whole package. Leave a comment or drop us a line @hudsonriverblue!