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SPHERICAL, Episode 3: "Sheikh it Off"

The SPHERICAL Team is back to figure out, at long last, what the hell City Football Group is. "So, What's the deal with CFG?"

Autumn Hutchins

SPHERICAL is back.

To make matters worse, Frank Lampard still has us feeling a bit like a lover, jilted.

And City Football Group is the controlling mother that broke up the relationship with a well-delivered lie about us "bein' on the down low."

Luckily, Senior Musical Advisor Michael Demichelis Benham has been acquainted with CFG much longer than many of us in New York, having followed his dear Manchester City since before the Parent Kompany flew in and dumped oil billions into the team. Michael explains CFG from his vantage point in today's episode.

Let us commence the rolling.


Writer/Producer/Director: Sam Dunn (@RealFakeSamDunn)

Narrator: MC Bousquette (@MC_Bousquette)

Senior Musical Advisor & Special Guest: Michael Demichelis Benham (@MichaelJBenham)

Chief Technology Officer: Frederick Seddon (@Fred_Is_Toast)

Theme Song: "Why Are You Here?" By Osekre & The Lucky Bastards (@Osekre)

Additional Music: Written and performed by Explicit

Director of Graphics: Autumn Hutchins (@AuttieDot)

Senior Editorial Contributor: Gabriel Manga (@Champagne_Gabi)

Executive Music Consultant: Ian Kelly a.k.a. Clouded Slum (@CloudedSlum)

Chairman of "What the Fuck": Nick Chavez (@NickChavezMLS)

Copyright Attorney: Pat Pending

Credit Card Advisor: Max Stout

Pastry Chef: Tyra Misu

Sycophant Coordinator: Eileen Yorway

Director of Five Minute Breaks: Ike Anteven

Founder & Executive Editor of Hudson River Blue: Rafael Noboa y Rivera

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Keep that ball rolling. See you next week!