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Report: Juventus legend Andrea Pirlo contacted by NYCFC about potential summer transfer

The rumor mill runs strong in New York City, where a report out of Italy links midfield dynamo Andrea Pirlo with a summer move to the Five Boroughs.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

On, Xavi!

On, Drogba!

On, Daniele de Rossi!

On, old Ashley Cole,

Or anyone costly!

It was already the gossip capital of the world, but the Five Boroughs have never been more abuzz with gleeful loose talk:

New York City FC -- famously or infamously -- needs a third designated player to accompany Frank Lampard's July arrival, and the newest candidate is Italian midfield maestro Andrea Pirlo.

According to David Amoyal of Italian transfer experts

"Pirlo is very intrigued by the possibility of playing in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty, he prefers moving to the United States over the option of playing in the Middle East. Sabri Lamouchi, the coach of Al-Jaishnin, had offered Pirlo a huge contract to play in Qatar a few weeks ago. Pirlo continues to have ongoing conversations with the United States as he prepares for the Champions League final in Berlin."

Hmmmm, tough call: the cultural center of the world versus the deceased migrant worker capital of the world.

Which would you choose?

Added beIN Sports correspondent Tancredi Palmeri:

Transfer rumors are called exactly that for a reason, and plenty of them are accompanied by obvious, necessary eye-rolls. This particular rumor, however, is one that catches the eye. Three reasons for this:

  1. Pirlo, despite being 36, remains an essential focal point for a Juventus squad that will vie for the UEFA Champions League title in June.
  2. New York City FC has been routinely exposed at the base of its midfield, with no true holding man to stand tall (sorry-not-sorry, Andrew Jacobson!). Pirlo doesn't just fill that need-- he obliterates it.
  3. With a real-deal defensive midfielder in tow, Frank Lampard can race forward and create without having to worry so much about wearing himself out tracking back.

It ought to be noted that Pirlo's current contract extends through the end of 2016, but he has openly expressed that his desire is to keep training and keep playing, and he's leaving his options open.

"MLS could be an idea," he most recently told Football Italia.

If I know anything it all, it's that I've heard far worse ideas than that.