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Advice from a Foe: What can NYC supporters learn from Seattle?

Sunday's loss is in the books, but NYCFC supporters' education is ongoing. Here's what SB Nation's Sounder at Heart had to tell us about supporting an expansion club.

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Courtesy of Sounder at Heart's Dave Clark:

"There are two things that fans of any team should concern themselves with - am I having fun, and is the team doing everything it can to maximize its position in the table? Being a fan of an expansion team does not change that much.

It's clear that fans and supporters of New York City FC are thrilled to have a team that is close to work/home. They seem to overcome the odd stadium situation just fine. The challenge will be maintaining the passion through losing (Seattle hasn't had this challenge yet).

Ways to do that are to understand that this team is yours now. Many, maybe most, of NYCFC's fans have other teams. It could be Man City, it could be Club America, it could be Real Madrid. Those teams don't matter now. You have your City. You have your team. You can live it and breathe and eventually those wins and losses by the soon-to-be-second team that is far away won't matter as much.

photo courtesy of Flickr user "benjy"

(photo: Flickr user "benjy")

Even if NYCFC is your second team, there's something to be said for live and local sports, even at a lower quality. That's why people love college basketball and football. That's why people show up for minor league baseball on Coney Island. Make the fan experience your own and enjoy the thrill of sports.

That other part is harder. I think that NYCFC, LAFC, Atlanta and maybe someday Miami are all failing at doing their best to win. Teams that come up from lower divisions already have a soccer foundation.

Take the Sounders when they made the jump. They had several players and a coach that instilled the local flavor in the better players. It also meant that roles were filled and the expansion draft had some direction. Even now, the impact of having a lower-division team can be felt on the modern Sounders. Zach Scott is this year's third CB. Seb Le Toux and Sanna Nyassi still play in the league.

While NYCFC can't roll back the clock they can make leaps forward in how they handle the reserves and Academy. Don't try to force a European model into a city of tens of millions. Embrace New York and capture the talent there. At the very least get a leg up on those other expansion sides and the MLS teams lagging behind."

Thanks to Sounder at Heart for kicking the ball around with us this week! Header image courtesy of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.