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Shay Facey's loan extended for rest of season

This is very good news for New York City's defense.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

With the summer transfer window fast approaching -- it opens in two weeks -- New York City's leading the MLS parade in making moves. Everyone's focusing on Andrea Pirlo, but as we saw during the Blues' dire eleven-game winless streak, the team's got needs everywhere. Defense, offense, midfield; they can all be bolstered.

Over the past few weeks, New York City fortified their backline with the additions of Basque standout Andoni Iraola and Manchester City academy starlet José Angel Tassende, better known as Angelino. Angelino, who's all of 18 years old, and Iraola will likely be playing in the wings, at left back and right back, respectively.

But one player's future was still up in the air. Ever since switching from full back to center back, Shay Facey has been stellar for New York City. His partnership with Jason Hernandez in the middle is a key factor in New York City's sudden resurgence. Thing was, his loan from Manchester City was set to end at the end of this month. Without Facey -- or someone to replace him -- New York City's back four would've been struggling.

According to Brian Lewis of the New York Post, it looks like New York City won't have to worry about that.

That's what I'd call good news, indeed. A back four of Angelino -- assuming he's good enough to start, Hernandez, Facey, and Iraola is a massive improvement over what we've seen from New York City earlier in the season. Even if Angelino doesn't start right away -- and I have my doubts -- having Facey around means that coach Jason Kreis can move Chris Wingert from center back to his natural position at left back.