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A Night with the Cosmos

Thoughts on the trip to Long Island, and what lies ahead.

NYCFC Supporters Section before the game at Hofstra
NYCFC Supporters Section before the game at Hofstra
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

We spent two and a half hours on a bus. To go to Long Island. To lose a two goal lead. And then lose the game.

On penalty kicks.

To a second-division team. That plays in a college stadium.

Our fans were energetic, well-organized, and loud. Audible on the TV broadcast, from the reports I heard. With smoke bombs. And fireworks. And drums. We came by bus, by car, and by train. With hot dogs, burgers, and a keg from Hearts of Oak in the parking lot -- and a sound system, too. In the stands and outside the stadium, there was unity, with the supporters groups working together. There was even some crowd-surfing.

On the way back to Manhattan, a lot of us were upset.

About the Cosmos fan who mooned us on the way out. About our squad playing less like the team we saw dominate Montreal last Saturday than the team that put together an eleven-game winless streak. About NYCFC failing to put in a strong effort for the entire game, and Kreis saying publicly that the the U.S. Open Cup is important to him, but then not coaching like he meant it.

About no Villa, no Saunders, no McNamara. About wasting Poku's two beautiful goals. About Mix playing a full 120 minutes three days before an important match that will actually count in the standings. About Grabavoy - who, as one fan online noticed, can't seem to do much of anything right.

But we've started to figure out how to win. Angelino and Iraola are coming soon, and then Lampard and you-know-who. Change is on the way, almost certainly change for the better.

Now, following a third straight league win last weekend, all eyes are on the Red Bulls.

Another day, another derby.