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Reports: Andrea Pirlo coming to New York City

There are multiple reports now that Italian legend Andrea Pirlo is signing with New York City.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Over the last few weeks, we're seeing more and more reports that Andrea Pirlo is signing with New York City. These reports took on new credibility over the last few days.

Translated from Italian: "NYCFC representatives were in Torino a few days ago to speak with Pirlo. The man from Brescia will decide on his future after Berlin". Berlin, in this instance, mans the Champions' League final, where Pirlo's Juventus will square off for the European Cup against Messi's Barcelona.

That's not conclusive; just that people are talking, as people are wont to do.

Not to be outdone, Spanish newspaper AS said that Pirlo's already signed. According to them, Pirlo will play his last game for Juventus on Saturday, then begin playing with New York City once the MLS summer window opens on July 8.

From the article:

Andrea Pirlo jugará el sábado su último partido con la Juventus de Turín. Pese a que se especuló con la posibilidad de que el medio italiano sólo abandonase el club en caso de ganar la final de Berlín, el futbolista parece tenerlo bastante claro y aceptará la propuesta que le han hecho los gestores del New York City, con Ferran Soriano a la cabeza.

Translated: "Andrea Pirlo will play his last game with Turin's Juventus on Saturday. In spite of speculation that Pirlo would only leave the team if they won the final in Berlin, the player instead will accept the proposal that New York City's representatives have made, with Ferran Soriano at their head.

Finally, Bronx sources, according to the New York Post, say that this is all "speculation".

For my take, I agree with them. We'll have more in a bit, as things become more clear, including why signing Pirlo makes no sense for New York City.