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POLL: We want to hear what you think about Philadelphia. Don't hold back.

Seriously, let it all out. This is a safe place. Unlike Philadelphia, AM I RIGHT?

The cradle of civilization.
The cradle of civilization.
Mark Makela/Getty Images

The last time New York City FC and the Philadelphia Union clashed, you'd best believe we got our money's worth dishing out shade on that "lesser city."

Well, blogging is all about The People. This time, we're handing the Shade Privileges to you.

We've attached a poll to get you started, but we want to hear your gripes, cheap-shots, and accusations at length, and in all their forms. Once you've voted in our poll, here are a few suggestions for next steps to take:

  • Write a FanPost about what Philly means to you. Or how Philly has been mean to you.
  • Leave a comment or blow us up on Twitter @hudsonriverblue.
  • Temporarily change your name on Facebook to "WaWa sucks."
  • Sink your teeth into a slice of New York pizza, and chew EXTRA-SLOW so as to drag out the enjoyment as much as possible, write a poem about the decadent sensory experience, tether the poem to a carrier pigeon, and send it off toward Chester, PA.
  • If the pigeon is a particularly smug or snarky pigeon, that's even better.

Oh, happy day! Let 'er rip, Five Boroughs.