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Frank Lampard, Josh Saunders nominated for weekly MLS honors. Get up and vote!

Josh Saunders has been nominated for Save of the Week ten times. Let's get a win for the Watcher on the Wall. Oh, Frank too. He scored.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

If you're a soccer fan, I KNOW you watched the Emmy Awards. How could you not?

Jon Hamm was Abby Wambach that night, finally winning the big prize after something like seven thousand nominations.

Tracy Morgan was basically Stuart Holden, bouncing back from a vicious injury in order to be excessively charming on television.

Viola Davis was a lightning bolt, channeling arcs of Lewandowski-level energy.

But today, it's time dish out some far, far more important accolades.

To lead off, a question: what would New York City's record look like without this sweet sap?

As is customary -- I believe it's in his contract -- Josh Saunders is nominated for Major League Soccer's Goal Save of the Week. You know how this works.

CLICK HERE to vote for Super Saunders!

Over in the attacking half, Frank Lampard is scoring goals as if he had experience doing so before:

To vote "Dank Frank" in this most recent edition of MLS Goal of the Week, CLICK HERE.

Support your Hashtag NYCFC Family! Both votes will stay open until 11:59 p.m. on Thursday night.

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