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Hudson River Blue Open Thread: SuperDraft Week

MLS hosts its first big event in 2016 on Thursday in Baltimore. What's on your mind, folks? Take it away-- you're on the clock.

This week, the World's Shortest Offseason is officially over.

Welcome to the preseason, when boys become men and men get their cap numbers paid down with allocation funds.

Just like MLS's twenty front offices, we've got our game faces on here at Hudson River Blue. We're welcoming in a number of new contributors for our 2016 edition-- we hope you'll check them out! For now, don't miss the first iteration of our ongoing Dollars and Decisions series, as seen on Medium, taking a look at what the economics of MLS informs us about New York City's potential approaches to roster construction.

The big story this week, of course, is the SuperDraft. The brightest amateurs in the land will cast their lot with one of twenty MLS franchises looking to snag the next big thing. Last year, Khiry Shelton made history as the first-ever amateur draft selection for NYCFC. Who will grab the headlines -- and hopefully, a spot in the rotation -- in the 2016 version?

Our family here at SB Nation Soccer will have plenty of draft coverage, including some hot mock action, over the next few days. Until then, we want to hand the conversation over to you: welcome to our first HRB Open Thread of the year.

Does this team's first pick have to be a left back? Should Reyna & Co. simply take the best overall player available? Should we demand that New York City find a potential first-year starter with their fourth pick or threaten to riot? The comments belong to you, er'body.

You're on the clock.