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New York City get their man Jack

After a confusing chain of events, the Blues got the player they wanted all along.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

New York City FC wheeled and dealt. For a hot second, things were in doubt; but in the end, they got the player they wanted all along.

Welcome to Gotham, Jack Harrison.

The Chicago Fire selected Harrison, late a freshman of Wake Forest, with the first overall pick of the draft. With the Philadelphia Union having traded for the second and third picks in this year's draft, things looked dicey for the Blues. Most observers had the Union selecting Josh Yaro and Brandon Vincent at two and three, respectively.

Yaro went number two. But in a shock, the Union selected his Georgetown teammate Keegan Rosenberry at number three. That opened the door to New York City landing the highly-touted Vincent at number four. With the Blues in dire need of a left back, his selection seemed a foregone conclusion.

Key word: seemed. As the minutes ticked off, it became clearer that New York City was angling for a trade. Soon, it became official: the Blues were swapping the number four pick and allocation money to the Fire for a player to be named later. It was assumed that that player would be Harrison, but for an un-nerving period of time, that player's identity was undisclosed.

Rumors flew across the draft floor. The Fire wanted to keep Harrison; would New York City take Polster? Would they take Igboannanike? Someone else? If they really wanted the English midfielder, what else would they be willing to give up -- Poku? Diskerud?

In the end, the mystery dissipated. Harrison was Gotham-bound. And with that, New York City's 2016 MLS draft - barring any unexpected developments - came to an end.