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Report: Jorge Teixera snubs New York City in favor of Charton Athletic

The Portuguese center-back is set to sign a three-year contract with the Championship team

Kaz Photography/Getty Images

It's looking like New York City's search for a prime center-back continues. According to the Belgian newspaper L'Avenir, Standard Liege's Jorge Teixeira is joining English Championship team Charlton Athletic on a three-and-a-half year contract.

If the report is correct, this would be his ninth team in 10 years. Charlton Athletic is mired deeply in the relegation zone, having given up 53 goals in 27 games, and won only four games on the season. Like New York City, the Addicks are desperate for defensive reinforcements and it looks like Teixeira will provide some help.

That said, the fact that Charlton would be his ninth team in a decade raises some serious flags; despite his obvious talent, Teixeira hasn't managed to stay on anywhere. That constant movement could indicate serious attitude issues. At 29, Teixeira isn't exactly young, either. For the Blues, this might prove to be a blessing in disguise, allowing them to line up a younger center-back talent.

As it stands, New York City has three center-backs on the roster -- Jason Hernandez, Jefferson Mena, and Ethan White. With preseason beginning this week, I'd expect the Blues to be looking to add more talent to the backline.