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Write for HRB!

It's a new year. We want this to be the best version of HRB ever. That's where you come in.

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

It's a new year. New York City FC has a new manager. With Vieira's appointment, we can hope for a better season than the last.

We're taking a similar tack here at HRB. For most of our inaugural season, Sam Dunn and I posted most of the content here. It was a wild ride; even though New York City wasn't as successful as either fans or the owners hoped, we still got to see some truly special moments.

The great thing about the off-season is that it gives you a chance to pause and reflect, much more so than the weekly grind of games. When I say that it was a wild ride, I mean it. Covering any team, much less a team like New York City, is a break-neck endeavour. Just when you think things are settled, they aren't.

Here's the thing: HRB isn't our blog. It's a blog for New York City FC fans. We want it to reflect all of New York City FC fandom -- or at least, as much as we can make it possible for it to do so. That's a bigger task than two guys can handle; it would be arrogant for either of us to assume so.

This is a team for all five boroughs, and beyond; it needs a blog that reflects that diversity of opinion, both good and bad. That's where you guys come in.

We've set up a revamped application for writer positions here. Fill it out; either Sam or I will get in touch with you, and get you started. We want this to be the best blog covering New York City FC. That begins -- and ends -- with you.

Won't you join us for the ride?