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The SPHERICAL Podcast: Talking Frank Lampard's injury recovery with sports physio Erwin Seguia

Unraveling the mysteries of the calf muscles with the man behind New York City's own Match Fit Performance.

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Autumn Hutchins

Hoooooooo boy. Gastrocnemius? Soleus? When it comes to anatomy and physiology, this science-y stuff may as well be written in Hungarian.

Luckily, as Frank Lampard is just about all the way back from his second calf strain of the year, we brought in an expert to the SPHERICAL Podcast to get a better understanding of how these things work: physical therapist Erwin Seguia, a.k.a. the MATCH FIT PHYSIO.

In the first half of today's episode Erwin explains how he went from feverish soccer player and fan to professional physical therapist in New York City. Don't miss his story about watching his fair Chelsea FC in the 2012 Champions League Final against Bayern Munich!

(17:30) The second half of the pod dives right into the particulars of Frank Lampard's calf injury. We couldn't have found a smarter dude to help us explore this topic!

Erwin takes private clients, by the way-- check him out on Twitter @matchfitpx, on Facebook, and on YouTube! You can find all this information and more at

Finally, you can find us on Twitter @THISisSPHERICAL @RealFakeSamDunn @hudsonriverblue.

See you this Sunday at Yankee Stadium, folks :)

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