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WATCH: New York City FC Video Playoffs Preview

We went Facebook Live style to answer your queries and wonder whether it’s spelled “Stiven” or “Steven.”

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports


  • The Reverse Samson Theory, which posits that Khiry Shelton’s breakout and Eirik Johansen’s emergence are directly related to them each receiving haircuts.
  • The ultimate Vieira-like state of being Quite Really Pleased.
  • All Beers Matter.
  • #MendozaGate, the vast MLS conspiracy to change the spelling of a certain Colombian forward’s name.
  • Who we most want to see scoring an unlikely goal. Iraola? Hernandez? Mix?
  • A viewer checking in from Hawaii.
  • F-bombs.
  • The Guardian’s fascination with NYCFC.
  • How the Univision Deportes app is better than Fox Sports Go, Watch ESPN, and the abominable albatross known as NBC Sports.


Posted by Hudson River Blue on Thursday, October 27, 2016

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