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TFC’s Vanney wants David Villa suspended for alleged kickout at Armando Cooper

To be fair, Cooper is an expert at falling down effortlessly.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Are things about to go from bad to worse for New York City FC?

Minutes 83 through 95 were nothing short of a disaster for Patrick Vieira’s team, whose bend-don’t-break ethic shattered into eleven pieces as hosts Toronto FC bagged two huge goals and a well-deserved victory. All told, it was a physical, rough-and-tumble affair, with five yellow cards awarded to NYCFC alone.

If you ask Toronto manager Greg Vanney, however, it’s a non-call that ought to be at the top of this week’s to-do list for Major League Soccer’s Disciplinary Committee.

Let’s watch David Villa and Armando Cooper:

Let’s be clear: Armando Cooper would fall over backwards if he was standing in line for a coffee and the guy in front of him farted. Armando Cooper would collapse and grab his head if he walked outside and encountered a light drizzle. The man hits the deck early and often.

Really, though, the optics of this aren’t great for Villa and the Blues, who face a monstrously tough task in next Sunday’s Eastern Conference Semifinal return leg at Yankee Stadium.

Said Vanney after the game: “I saw it from the second it happened [and] I've seen a replay. It's just not something that is acceptable really in the league.” (h/t


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