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With reported Bundesliga interest, NYCFC attempts to buy remaining half of Matarrita contract

Reyna & Co. will have to pony up for Alajuelense’s share if they hope to reap the biggest benefits in a future sale.

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Over the weekend, Costa Rica’s La Nación reported that New York City FC is determined to buy out LD Alajuelense’s 50% share of Ronald Matarrita’s contract for a sum of $325,000.

It is believed that NYCFC originally bought their half of the fullback’s contract from the Costa Rican juggernauts for a higher sum, though Major League Soccer doesn’t publish an official record of transfer fees.

The question is this: why-oh-why would New York City want to buy out Alajeulense right this minute?

A subsequent report from La Nación answers that query straight away: NYCFC have already refused a $1.5 million offer for Matarrita from Belgian outfit Club Brugge, and a pair of Bundesliga clubs may be gearing up to make even larger offers: Hamburger SV and perennial UEFA Champions League side Borussia Dortmund.

Knowing this, Alajuelense aren’t keen to give up their share — and miss out on a healthy cut of a future Matarrita transfer fee — for as little as New York City have offered thus far. According to the report, Alajuelense are hoping for a total fee of $2-3 million if and when the player is sold. The Costa Rican club’s 50% stake means they’d receive one third of any transfer payment, with the same being true for NYCFC.

Naturally, City Football Group wants the whole two-thirds to which they’d be entitled as full owners of their talented left fullback’s contract.

Matarrita, who turned 22 in July, was named Defensive Player of the Year by his current club, and placed at #13 on Major League Soccer’s annual list of the 24 best players under the age of 24.

All signs point to one thing, folks: enjoy every Mata moment from here on out. Before you know it, he could be bombing up the left flank at the Westfalenstadion, overlapping with the wingless angel that is Christian Pulisic.

If and when, feel free to enjoy those monents, too.