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What the f#@% is going on with the New York Cosmos?

The available evidence spells trouble for the club and for NASL.

Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

Those who do not know the old North American Soccer League’s mistakes will be doomed to repeat them.

Well, then, step on up for the reckoning! The nouveau NASL — much like the modern New York Cosmos, bearing no substantial connection to the defunct brand of the same name — finds itself in dire straits.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before.

A number of its more notable teams bolted for the allegedly third-tier United Soccer League earlier this year, bringing the NASL roster down to just ten clubs. But this week, the Cosmos have officially fallen into chaos themselves, and may be taking the entire league with them into the maelstrom.

With rumors abound of a move to USL, a possible deus ex machina investment from megabillionaire Carlos Slim, and the apparent unceremonious collapse of broadcast partner One World Sports, the New York Cosmos’ very existence is in doubt.

Adding kindling to this towering inferno are these photographs, provided to Hudson River Blue this afternoon by Mr. Andre Tessier. First, two glances inside the team offices:

Not seeing any family photos or kitschy doodads on any of those desks, folks.

And this, a look at some of the reserved spaces in the office’s parking lot:

Indeed, not much can be etched into stone until NASL’s meetings have adjourned down in Atlanta. And, for the record, the Cosmos organization itself has denied the recent flurry of reports suggesting that it has ceased operations.

But based on these photos, there doesn’t appear to be a whole lot of operating going on right now.

Infinite thanks to Andre Tessier for the photos! You can find him on Twitter @AndreT_NY . Stay tuned for all the latest on the ongoing NASL saga, and be sure to pay a visit to our SB Nation brothers and sisters over at Twice a Cosmo. Additional shoutouts to Empire of Soccer and Awful Announcing for their ongoing coverage.