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POLL: Should NYCFC bring back Federico Bravo for 2017?

The defensive midfielder is not considered part of Boca Juniors' long-term plans.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Fede put in a good shift.

The Argentine, on loan to New York City from Boca Juniors in 2016, made 21 total appearances and played just over 1200 minutes. He brought toughness to the base of Patrick Vieira's midfield, though found himself relegated to a bench role when Andoni Iraola shifted to Bravo's number-six position over the summer.

But count Fede, who turned 23 in October, among those who feel pretty good about how things went this year.

"I've had a great year at NYCFC. I have affection for the club, for the people who work there," the player told this week (my translation).

"I still do not know what will happen to me next year. In the coming days I will make a decision and I will try to choose the best one."

The logistics wouldn't be tricky if Vieira and Claudio Reyna were keen to re-up on Bravo for 2017. He made a tidy $110,000 this year; for reference, that's about half of what Iroala, Jason Hernandez, and Jefferson Mena each were paid. Considering that Bravo can also provide coverage at center back if necessary -- and the fact that he ought to continue to improve in the coming years as he approaches his athletic prime -- it just sounds like smart money all around.

It's your turn to sound off: should the Boys in Blue call upon Federico Bravo once again? Cast your vote, leave a comment, and blow us up on Twitter and Facebook. The world is yours.