Speculation abounds regarding alleged "holiday annoucement" for NYCFC

Around the world over, the soccer offseason is often known as "The Silly Season." Throughout, this period of anxious monotony is flooded with an over-abundance of speculation, some which amounts to something, but most being quite, well, silly. It is because of this that any and all speculation regarding offseason moves or club developments should, and often are taken with a grain of salt. However, last week, WFAN analyst Glenn Crooks took to Twitter, claiming that New York City fans should soon be receiving a "happy holiday announcement." Initially, this post was met with avid speculation from NYC fans, with most opining that it meant a third DP signing or a David Villa contract extension. However, Crooks has clarified that the supposed announcement has nothing to do with either, and instead addresses an "important position" that City has yet to fill, to which fans abroad have begun speculating about everything from Mix-level signing to perhaps even an update on our stadium situation (remember, "Silly Season"), the latter of which we have heard no word on since Joe Patricof's not-so-encouraging news back in October.

So, what exactly are Crooks' cryptic tweets about? Assuming that it is player related but not indicative of a high-profile DP signing (as Crooks' has already said), then that all but contradicts the murmurs we've heard recently about AC Milan midfielder Keisuke Honda making a trip to the Big Apple. The Japanese international mainstay is currently earning approximately €7 million for I Rossoneri this season and I don't think any rational person will expect him to take that much of a pay-cut to where he will be payed anything less than $1 million. It does not, however, rule out the potential signing of AIK midfielder Ebenezer Ofori, who would be be a huge asset to our midfield and is only making €700 thousand this season. Ofori's salary is strikingly similar to current NYCFC player and perennial "Vieira Doghouse" tenant Mix Diskerud, who made $761,250 throughout the 2016 campaign, despite only playing 12 games (which makes up a third of the total games the team played, not including the two in the playoffs). Depending on how much money was used in the Atlanta United trade earlier this month for goalkeeper Sean Johnson and if the club's wishes to move Mix are granted, Ofori's move to the Empire State is definitely within the realm of possibility, if not an absolute certainty.

However, in the off-chance that it is not at all player related, could it be---nah. Let's not be silly.

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