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Welcome to THE HUDDIES, awarding the best of NYCFC in 2016

We're dishing out the hardware, and will be putting HRB's signature pie baskets in the mail to all winners by Tuesday.

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

You rocked the bleachers across 18 home games. You yelled fuckwords at the TV screen between pulls of Carlsberg on the away dates. You willed New York City FC's Boys in Blue to the fourth-best overall record in Major League Soccer.

And then, when their was but God himself left to cry, you cast your votes for THE HUDDIES.

Thanks to all who participated, including those who pointed out the obvious award nominees that we stupidly left out. Overall, it was a hell of a year in the Five Boroughs, mostly due to you. YOU.

This year, you shut 'em down and opened up shop. Here's to another smashing affair in 2017, yeah?

Bronx Blues Player of the Year

David Villa. Surprise!

JUDGE DREDD PRIZE: Outstanding Performance by an Enforcer

Hudson River Blue vote: Andoni Iraola

Fan vote: Andoni Iraola (42.9%)
Fan runner-up: Ronald Matarrita (34.9%)

LORD KWAME PRIZE: Goal of the Year

HRB vote: Jack Harrison's individual brilliance vs. Montreal

Fan vote: Jack Harrison vs. Montreal (32.3%)
Fan runner-up: David Villa's set-piece scissor kick vs. Vancouver (22.6%)


HRB vote: RJ Allen's throughball for Villa at Portland

Fan vote: Allen for Villa at Portland (54%)
Fan runner-up: Jack Harrison's breakaway backheel for Villa vs. Philly (25.4%)

BREAKOUT ARTIST OF THE YEAR: Guy Who Beat Expectations the Most

HRB vote: Patrick Vieira

Fan vote: Jack Harrison (34.9%)
Fan runner-up: Ronald Matarrita (22.2%)


HRB Vote: Moving Iroala from fullback to defensive midfield

Fan vote: Moving Iroala from fullback to defensive midfield (66.7%)

Fan runner-up: Dropping Mix Diskerud (12.7%)

STEALTH BOMBER AWARD: Best Under-the-radar Signing

HRB vote: Maxime Chanot

Fan vote: Maxime Chanot (46%)
Fan runner-up: Stiven Mendoza (38.1%)

NEXT YEAR'S MODEL: Breakout Player for 2017

HRB vote: Sean Okoli

Fan vote: Maxime Chanot (27%)
Fan runner-up: Sean Okoli (25.4%)

2004 ALCS COMMENDATION: Game of the Year

HRB vote: 2-0 Derby win over the Red Bulls

Fan vote: 5-1 smasher over first-place Colorado (38.7%)
Fan runner-up: Last-minute 3-2 comeback over DC United (32.3%)

BONUS QUESTION: Ideal Stadium Location?

HRB vote: Long Island City

Fan vote: South Bronx (21%)
Fan runner-up: Long Island City (17.7%)

Hudson River Blue's Moment of the Year

June 18th, 2016.
NYCFC 3-2 Philadelphia.
The day #ComeOnNewYork took over the Bronx.

See you next year, you crazy kids.