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Ronald Matarrita is ours! You can’t have him!

The talented NYCFC fullback has drawn reported interest from all over Europe.

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

Hey. HEY! Keep your hands to yourself, Germany. Ronald Matarrita is a New York City FC player.

Maybe not forever, but definitely for now.

Get it through your kopf, won’t ya?

*A shuffling of papers is heard*

Some rumors are like Jon Snow— they simply can’t be killed. Such is the curious case of Ronald Matarrita in the wake of reports from Costa Rica’s La Nación.

As the story goes, not only are Hamburger SV and Borussia Dortmund interested in the NYCFC fullback’s services, but the Bronx Blues have also already declined a $1.5 million offer from Belgium’s Club Brugge.

As we’ve written before, New York City and former club LD Alajuelense each own half of Matarrita’s contract. That means they’d split any transfer payment, with a third of NYCFC’s share going to MLS, per league rules. It’s hard to imagine NYCFC selling Matarrita without first buying out Alajuelense’s share— thus far, a buyout offer of $325,000 was reportedly declined.

But the current economic impasse has done little to calm these onrushing transfer torrents.

In fact, Matarrita’s agent has confirmed interest in the player not just from Germany, but from France, Turkey, and Portugal. It’s enough to make heads fairly spin.

But on this December Friday, let’s remember the most important thing in all this:

Ronald Matarrita plays for NYCFC.

He’s not your guy.

He’s our guy.

Would a young man on his way out the door have flown back to New York from his home country in order to attend David Villa’s MVP ceremony this week?

Would a young man on his way out the door have taken the time to boost up the idea of countryman Jose Guillermo Ortiz coming on loan to MLS?

It’s settled: Ronald Matarrita clearly doesn’t view New York City FC and Major League Soccer as merely a career stepping-stone. Neither do we. Neither do Patrick Vieira and the NYCFC front office.

Indeed, we don’t know what the future holds. But for now, let’s celebrate a fact:

It’s getting cold outside, but Mata is hot right now.