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What Jack Harrison Needs To Know About NYC [Cooligans TV]

NYC is wonderful but it can be a very tough place to understand. Who better than The Cooligans to teach young Jack Harrison into the culture that is NYC and NYCFC.

New York City can be a confusing place. It doesn't matter how many movies you see with it in the background, it's a tough place to assimiliate. It moves fast, lots of things change and there are many ways to do things that are the NYC way. Like for instance, did you know that if no one is sitting in a subway car except one guy with a shopping cart, it's for a reason. I once had a stuffed nose so bad I could taste food. I went into one of those train cars thinking I'd be able to withstand the smell. I was wrong. The smell was so bad it cured my cold, cleared my sinuses, and caused a nose bleed. Doctors haven't been able to figure out that last one.

Jack Harrison is new here. He's been here before, but like I said, things move fast here. He's got an English accent so we don't need to help him in the ladies department. If there was every a Tinder where you heard the persons voice instead of their photos he'd cause carpal tunnel in whatever city he's in. Not to say he's a bad looking guy either, Jack's got a million dollar Generation Adidas smile.

Jack is going to be fine here. He's going to get us a ton of assists and he's going to be the rookie of the year, and I'm still trying to figure out what float he'll sit on in our MLS Cup parade this year. So, no pressure buddy! Fold your slice and no one will yell at you. Enjoy the city!!

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