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MLS Fantasy: Who to Keep and Who to Pick Up

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Last week I talked about things to keep in mind for the coming DGWs. Now it's time to get to some player picks. Before you make your transfers, double check and verify that the player is not on international duty. Players on international duty will miss the games for this weekend and are threats to miss the games next weekend depending on when their international matches are scheduled and how many minutes they play.


There's a great chance that whoever you have here you might as well as keep. But if you've wild carded, here are the players to look at.

Ousted ($5.9)-He's only scored 9 points so far which...isn't good. However, he is the only  goalkeeper with two home games during this week: Houston, who has had to come back from a trip to New Jersey and now has to fly across the country likely without Maidana, and Los Angeles, which has struggled mightily on the road.

Shuttleworth ($5.8)-Had an incredible week last week with two penalty saves to make him the game's highest scoring keeper so far. But New England will be without Nguyen in their game against NYCFC and without Watson for both games in their DGW, so I'm skeptical.

Keep an eye on: Tim Melia ($5.5)-Sporting KC has given up only one goal all year, and that's from the spot. Considering they've played three teams who didn't have trouble scoring last year, that's impressive and SKC has DGWs coming up.

Players to drop: Probably no one. if you had a DGW keeper, keep them and use your transfers elsewhere.


The top options from the DGW teams mostly got called up. It's not so great.

FC Dallas defenders-Matt Hedges ($8.9) has a history of producing, and most importantly is as guaranteed a starter as there comes in MLS. Everyone else is unclear, as the defenders who left may come back in time for the second game. Pareja has a tricky situation on hand for the match against DCU.

Jordan Harvey ($7.0)-two home games, and one of the few Vancouver starting defenders not called up and they have two home games. If you want to take a risk for one week on another Whitecap, look at Kah ($6.5) who hasn't started yet but should see time in at least game 1.

Taylor Kemp ($7.6)-the top scorer on the DCU backline is also the cheapest available for selection this week. He's a good like for like for Goodson, a SJ player who surprised many managers by being scratched in Week 3 (No updates on his condition, as SJ doesn't play again until next weekend).

Keep an eye on: Coelho ($7.8) one of the top picks from Week 1 has kept consistency and I'm high on SKC's defense as above. I think Coelho may be a rotation risk when it comes to the DGWs because at 30 you imagine he has to be rested at some point and SKC has the depth to do rotation in the back. Still, it's worth a shot based on his production.

Players to drop: Goodson ($7.6)-he's great if healthy, but we won't know that until after the transfer deadline. I don't like injury situations with little information, so despite his prior production don't feel bad shipping him out.


Mauro Diaz & Pedro Morales-MUST HAVE. Mauro Diaz has the third highest score in fantasy so far and Pedro Morales is right behind him. Diaz has a DGW again in Week 6, so there's no reason to not have him. Pedro's production has been mostly from the penalty spot but he's still a strong enough player that in a weak DGW, he needs to be on your squad even if he gets shipped out next week.

Diego Fagundez ($8.1)-His lofty 17 point production in Week 1 has been followed up by scores of 4 and 1 but if you want NE players he's the best chance to score. We'll be able to make sure Fagundez starts against NYCFC before the fantasy lineups lock, and any offensive player against NYCFC is a good bet.

Lamar Neagle ($7.5)-With the problems FCD is going to have on the backline this week, getting DC's most productive fantasy attacking midfielder is a good idea, especially at the price.

Make sure you keep: Diego Valeri ($10.3)-HE PUT UP 6 ATTACKING BONUS POINTS. With a DGW in 6, if he's on your team you have to keep him. If not, make a plan to bring him in. There's a good argument that he might be more important to bring in than many of the Gameweek 4 DGW midfielders.

Keep an eye on: NYRB's mids. Klejstan ($11.2) was a popular drop for the first two weeks but rebounded strongly in Week 3. If that rebound continues, you'll want some RB coverage in Week 6 for the DGW. He might be too expensive for many budgets though, so if you want him you need to think about a plan to free up the cash to get him.

Players you can drop: Accam ($9.2) has a knee injury. While a matchup against NYC gives hopes of a repeat from his Week 1 performance, Chicago has a bye in Week 7 and again in Week 9. This means you're dropping Accam eventually, so you might as well do it now. If you need room to bring in Diaz or Pedro Morales, you have to consider dropping Piatti. He put up only 3 points last week and while his schedule means you're not wrong if you want to keep the faith, he doesn't have a DGW until Week 8. With a glut of strong midfield options in 4 and 6 (at least compared to other positions) Piatti might be the one you have to ship out/hold off transferring in until Weeks 7 and 8.


The options here are sparse. DC's best forward Espindola hasn't played over 45 minutes yet. Agedly has only put up 3 points. River has put up scores of 3,4, and 1. The only forward for the DGW players I'm looking at is Urruti ($8.5) for Dallas. DGW again in 6, at a good price point, and has scored 18 points in fantasy so far. Otherwise, I think you're well served holding steady with the popular picks of David Villa and Giovinco.

Players to drop: No one yet but....maybe start thinking about Giovinco? A road trip to Colorado this week doesn't scream great fantasy points opportunity, and the toll of the road trip which will last until Week 9. Last year's TFC on Tour had Toronto losing 5 out of its first 6 games, with the last of those a shellacking by Dallas that 2 late (and i mean VERY LATE) Giovinco goals made look respectable. Now, Toronto did recover and win the last two games of its road trip last year, but I think you have to consider him as the option for future forward transfers.


If you're wildcarding, you can go with either a 3-4-3 or a 3-5-2. The decision I think comes down to what you think of Urruti. If you like him, make him your cheap forward in the 3-4-3. If not, go for 5 mids with premium forwards like Villa and Giovinco.

Hudson River Blue League

Top spot this week overall is Herman Martinez's FC MRSA after Shitbrick FC had a week that, well, shit a brick. Top score this week was Thomas R. with 78.

Good luck!