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New York City FC vs. Chicago Fire Open Thread + time, TV schedule, and streaming

Follow along with us tonight, won't you?

Joe Kohen/Getty Images

It's not even a debate.

A pizza controversy need not even exist in the first place-- whatever that greasy, bulletproof disc with the sauce on top ought to be called, it is certainly not pizza.

Indeed, "Chicago style" is really a cheesy gumbo held captive inside a giant damn bread bowl. Eating one of those things is like trying to eat the Walls of Jericho. Other times, it's like wading in murky water: who the hell knows what could be down there?

Here's a handy guideline: if you take a bite and end up gnashing into what basically constitutes a series of mostly-whole tomatoes floating in a cytoplasm of arbitrarily-selected meat products, then pizza is not the name of the thing you're eating.


New York City FC vs. Chicago Fire
Sunday, April 10th, 7:00pm ET
Yankee Stadium, Bronx, New York
WATCH on Fox Sports 1 (English) & Fox Deportes (Spanish)
LISTEN on WFAN 660 AM (English) & WQBU 92.7 FM (Spanish)
STREAM on Fox Sports Go


Oh, hai! We're glad you're here! Wipe your feet, mind the gap, and be sure to blindly subscribe to our YouTube Channel! While you're here, though, we have a few rules and regulations.

  • Absolutely no links to illegal streams. They're bad and they get us in trouble. Raf will be relegated to covering the Cosmos with Mike Petke. Sam will be thrown in a burlap sack and beaten with reeds. But seriously, they're illegal. So don't do it.
  • We have rules against "relentless negativity." Nobody likes a Negative Nancy or Doubtful Darlington, even if the team gets off to an awful start. Don't knee-jerk and post outlandish or hurtful things just because you're frustrated.
  • Along those lines, outright abuse of players or match officials is verboten. It's fine to say "wow, that's a bad call, match official," but it's NOT okay to direct copious amounts of abuse in the direction of said official over a call you did not like.
  • Treat other people in the match thread the way you would want someone else to treat your grandmother. Be nice. Observe Wheaton's Law. This is a community of fans, not an un-moderated message board.

Finally, while we don't have a rule against profanity, any language that is sexist, racist, or homophobic in nature will be swiftly deleted. Most importantly, though: HAVE FUN, tip your wait staff, and remind those rascally Chicagoans that, hey, come on, that's not really pizza, broh.