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NYCFC Ping Pong: Kwadwo Poku vs. Mix Diskerud

Ghanaian midfielder shows improved defensive work rate

Quick thoughts:
  • This is a big win for Poku-- he went the distance without fading down the stretch.
  • Comparing Mix's style of play to Bjorn Borg is tempting, but lazy: in truth, it was Poku who best demonstrated that trademark backhand power.
  • As you can see, even when playing in his natural position, Mix still struggles on occasion.
  • At the 1:59 mark, the audio is briefly muted after Mix faults on his serve. This takes place when the camera happens to be at his back. Here's my question: was he swearing in English right there, or in Norwegian?
  • Underrated moment of the match: at 6:05, the way in which Poku gently utters, "get those points, man," as if the idea had just casually crossed his mind.
  • NEXT UP FOR POKU: Whack-a-Mole vs. Eirik Johansen