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EL CLASICO 2016: FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid time, TV schedule, & streaming


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A match you can really sink your teeth into.
A match you can really sink your teeth into.
David Ramos/Getty Images

NYCFC is off this week. But do we look like we care?

Watching the Clasico in North America means allowing oneself to become awash in Ray Hudson's flights of verbal fancy on beIN Sports, the kind pithy literary flair thought to be the exclusive purview of history's select few Joyces and Bellows and Woolfs.

We love Ray, and we love watching the best players in the world. Yes, I know, Riquelme is retired. But still. It's actually a good thing that NYCFC is off this weekend; we have all the time we need to let our jaws fully unfurl down to the floor. To genuflect with New York's countless blancos and blaugranes.

Hear that sound?

That one? Just now?

That's the sound of your soul filling with Estrella Damm.

Pass one over here, won't you?


FC Barcelona vs. Read Madrid
Saturday, April 2nd, 2:30pm ET
Camp Nou, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
WATCH on beIN Sports
STREAM on beIN Sports ConnectSling TVgo90, & FuboTV


We'll be at Smithfield Hall, 138 W 25th Street!