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Ronald Matarrita named to MLS Team of the Week

That's two on the year for Mata, who is good at soccering. Federico Bravo was named to the weekly reserves.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, this week's Major League Soccer honor roll arrived with a touch of #PuraVida.


For the second time this season, NYCFC left fullback Ronald Matarrita won a spot on the MLS Team of the Week thanks to yet another assertive performance. The 21-year-old Costa Rica international combined tenacious defending with keen runs on and off the ball, plus an added tweak we'd be happy to see more of this year. Just watch this:


Dat cross.

What a peach.

Here's my threefold theory on how this occurred:

  1. RJ Allen is, by far, New York City's most frequent early crosser
  2. Allen made his first start of the year Sunday
  3. Mata wants to be better than everybody at everything
Today, early crossing. Tomorrow, the Eurovision Song Contest, probably. Is there anything this guy can't do???

Well, to be fair, there are a couple of workmanlike duties that Matarrita didn't dominate by himself. To that end, we tip the cap to Federico Bravo: despite picking up NYCFC's first yellow card suspension of 2016 after amassing his fifth of the year, Fede was named to the Team of the Week reserves. He had previously appeared on the weekly best XI -- as a defender -- following New York City's 1-1 stalemate against New England on March 26th.

He's joined amongst the reserves by the likes of Sebastian Giovinco and Gio dos Santos, which is pretty solid company.