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MTA teases the long-awaited Second Avenue Line, New Yorkers rejoice


NYCFC took a loss on Saturday. But soon enough, everyone in the Five Boroughs will be getting a W.

O, come all ye Upper East Siders, ye Spanish Harlemites, ye merry Yorkvillians! According to the latest subway map released by the Metropolitan Transit Authority after a recent Board meeting, the Q Train will be rerouted up 2nd Avenue in Manhattan up to 96th Street, while the former Queens branch of the Q will be picked up by the long-awaited return of the W Train.

Feast your eyes on this pure sex right here:

Source: Metropolitan Transit Authority

The N-Q-R-W will split in Manhattan at 57th Street and 7th Avenue, freeing the Q to service that under-served 2nd Avenue traffic, while the N-W (Astoria-Ditmars) and R (71st Avenue) shoot into Queens.

MTA is calling this "Phase One" of the overall billion-dollar 2nd Avenue project, with plans to be up and running by December. Phase Two, for which a fat wad of cash has already been set aside, would potentially extend the Manhattan tunnels up to 125th Street. That part is what really excites us, given that Yankee Stadium commuters on Metro North often connect with the 4 Train at Lexington Avenue and 125th, just a short hop from the Phase Two terminus. Especially for out-of-towers, NYCFC hangout Ryan's Daughter figures to be closer than ever.

Call us crazy, but we might actually be able to start hanging out in the UES now. After all, these meatballs aren't going to eat themselves.