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Argentinian TV slams Donald Trump, USMNT in amazing Copa America ad

TyC Sports drops the mic hard.

Last night, the Notorious DJT secured the Republican presidential nomination. He had not simply eliminated his many opponents-- as Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo wrote, the process is more akin "to having a vampire drain you of blood."

But one Argentinian television station is anything but bloodless in the face of The Donald, their chosen surrogate for America itself in advance of this summer's Copa America Centenario. In fact, their blood is boiling.

For those who don't speak Spanish, here's my rough translation of the video's message:


Argentina will likely enter this summer's U.S.-hosted Copa America tournament as the odds-on favorite (Sky Bet has them favored at 5/2). This is not lost on TyC Sports. They want Trump -- and, by extension, all of mother-lovin' America -- to know one thing loud and clear:

La verdad lo mejor que pueden hacer es no dejarnos entrar. The truth is that the most you can do is not let us in.

In other words, GO AHEAD AND BUILD THAT DAMN WALL, FAM. It's the only way you'll be able to avoid losing to us.

That is, unless the Reggae Boyz bounce the USA out of the competition early. But really, there's no chance of that ever happening, is there?