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MLS Fantasy: Getting Back on the Horse

Villa rescuing a number of fantasy teams last week, but sadly not his real team
Villa rescuing a number of fantasy teams last week, but sadly not his real team
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a while since we had MLS Fantasy, but at 1:00 EST on Saturday the deadline for the next week of Fantasy will be upon us.

There are only 5 weeks we have to plan for, as Round 19 is an unlimited transfer week for all managers, with Round 18 a large bye week, with most of the teams who have DGWs going on break. Planning is going to be key, so let's take a quick look.

Round 14: Everyone playing

Vancouver & Toronto play Game 1 of the two game series for the Canadian Championship between 14 & 15


Between Rounds 15 and 16 everyone expect DC United, the Canadian teams and, ahem, NYCFC have a USOC match. Toronto and Vancouver also have leg 2 of the Canadian Championship


Round 17: everyone plays

Round 18: 8 teams on bye-Colorado, DC, Los Angeles, Houston, New England, New York City, Philadelphia, and San Jose.

Anything we can take from this? I think there are a few things

Red Bulls  Stars are Must Haves: A DGW plus they're not on bye in 18 and they were in strong form prior to the break. Also, they play Columbus during this stretch, who just lost Higuain for 6-8 weeks and have a host of other holes caused by injury.  Sacha and BWP are your top targets this week for your two free transfers.

Real Salt Lake is attractive: RSL also has a DGW, plays during 18, and has a 4 of the next 6 at home. A budget defender like Glad ($5.1) becomes a great option since lots of game at home with Nick Rimando isn't a bad way to try to get some points for clean sheets. 

You have 10 transfers; use them wisely. In one way, 10 transfers means you can swap out your whole team. But that number starts to dwindle quickly when you think about a player like Lee Nguyen. Nguyen's last few rounds: 7, 10, 4, 14, 14,11, with a goal and an assist the last three matches. Chances are you'll want him for New England's DGW in 16, but you have to transfer him out before 18 or you'll get a 0. Boom, that's two transfers you have to spend. Same goes for David Villa (although maybe another NY derby isn't that much incentive to bring in Villa anymore). Still, if you can minimize the number of hits you take during this period, you'll be fine.

Watch injuries/internationals/suspensions: Yellow card accumulation is starting to creep up on a number of players and this page is going to become your friend.  Steres is a big fantasy name that is one more yellow away from a one game suspension. There also will be a number of players trickling back in as tournaments end. Finally, a number of players got surgeries over the break including Higuain and Piatti. Check @MLSInjuryNews for all the latest info.

Good luck!