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David Villa went bananas on Frank Lampard after Saturday's win. Here are 10 possible reasons why.

Guaje appeared to go straight hardbody karate on his fellow designated player.

When the whistle blew on Saturday to seal New York City FC's 3-2 win against Philadelphia, Frank Lampard just wanted a hug.

David Villa gave him something else.

Dude, what gives? Frank actually acquitted himself quite well on the day, scoring NYCFC's opening goal and putting forth arguably the most comprehensive effort of his MLS tenure. It would follow, then, that Villa wasn't chewing out the fellow designated player for a flawed performance, right?

That does beg the question, though-- what was that whole thing about? It's not often that David Villa, the hardest-working man ever to wear the NYCFC shirt, produces such a pulsatingly emotional moment. The guy looked angry. Incensed. Indignant.

But what actually caused him to get all up in Dank Frank's grill like that?

The public deserve to know.

Here are ten guesses.

  1. Ethan White made a bad clearance in crunch time, sending the ball out of play instead of lobbing one forward to the attack for one more chance on goal, and Villa needed to vent to someone who'd understand.
  2. Lampard spoiled the whole R+L=J thing, and Villa's only on season three.
  3. Villa was under the impression that he'd get to use Lampard's beach house this week, only to realize that Jamie Redknapp was already there dancing to the Spice Girls with a cardboard cutout of Steve McManaman.
  4. Just practicing his English.
  5. Villa overheard Frank say that he was "deeply ambivalent" about Papaya King.
  6. "Because reasons."
  7. Before a Philadelphia free kick, Lampard shouted "BUILD THE WALL" and Villa misunderstood this to be a racist political statement.
  8. Frank insisted that George Lazenby was the best James Bond one time too many.
  9. Villa was sour about Britain's defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588.
  10. Frank farted and pulled mud.

We may never know why El Guajito sounded off in Phat Phranq's face like that. We may be resigned to accept the fact.

But, conversely, maybe it was farts.

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h/t @TotalMLS for the GIF and our preview image.