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OF COURSE Frank Lampard likes Phil Collins.

This makes so, so much sense.

When it comes to this year's ongoing series of "20 Questions" videos on, not everyone can hope to match the sly humor and saintly social grace of RJ Allen.

In fact, when it came time for Frank Lampard to play along, it felt like Boring James Milner had come to life.

Luckily, the man scores goals. In light of that fact, we love Dank Frank, and will defend him until expiry. But it needs to be noted that he let it slip that, while he likes a bit of Frank Sinatra, he really, really enjoys Phil Collins.

"Most people in the dressing room wouldn't understand at all," Frank said.

Geez, couldn't he have just lied and named a harder-hitting artist, like ABBA?

Other highlights from 20 Questions with Phat Phranq:

  • "I'm told my head's quite big anyway."
  • Chinese food and world peace.
  • Somebody get this man a caramel macchiato: "You do coffee better than we do it in England."
  • If you want Adele tickets, just ask Frankie. He's got the ill connect.
  • Lamps ought to meet Gordon Bombay, because he can teach you to fly.
  • "Mint choc chip" MUST become a new chant in the Yankee Stadium bleachers.