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FIFA 16 Team of the Week: RJ Allen Edition

This is great, but my dude deserves more pace than a 68!

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

It's one thing when David Villa or Andrea Pirlo or Danq Phranq pops up on EA Sports' FIFA 16 Team of the Week. One grasps that logic without much trouble.

But sometimes, Christmas comes in late June, which is to say, in manner one doesn't necessarily expect.

But with three assists in his last four games, perhaps we ought not be the least bit surprised that RJ Allen is feeling the love from the Video Game Gods.

It took way, way too long, but the luminaries at EA Sports have finally felt the potent, palpable essence of Allen's greatness, including (but not limited to):

  • Utter fearlessness racing forward on the ball
  • Uncommon penchant for the early cross
  • Pleasingly physical style of play
  • Impressive playmaking vision and touch
  • Dashingly rugged, all-American charm

The Notorious RJA's current run of scintillating form couldn't have come at a better time, what with Sunday's fifth edition of the Hudson River Derby such a short stone's throw away.

Patrick Vieira so insists on choosing Allen that he's had to get awfully creative with his XI, sliding former first-choice right fullback Andoni Iraola to the base of the midfield. As we wrote earlier this week, we're all for it. But from another perspective, what Vieira has done is really incredibly straightforward: he's doing whatever he possibly can to put his very, very best players on the field.

Let's have some more of that, yeah?

Also, perhaps more of these: