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EA Sports releases FIFA 17 teaser trailer

Pick up them sticks.

America, are you ready for Frostbite?

Frostbite, the game engine first developed by Electronic Arts for their Battlefield first-person shooter franchise, is poised to bring soccer gaming to the next level. Here's what EA has to say about the engine:

For many years, our developers have pursued realistic visuals. We have defined industry-leading visual standards by simulating real-world lighting conditions and depth of field characteristics. The next step for us has the pursuit of realism beyond static visuals. Dynamic behaviors over time are key to immersion and believable worlds. In our games, players will notice subtle movements in the world around them driven by changes in weather. Prepare for the next level of realism, driven by Frostbite technology!

Subtlety! In FIFA 17! Finally, I will be unable to yell at the screen while playing due to being so immersed in this new level of detail.

It's a new day.